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My beef with recruitment

Very-Angry-Man-ShutterstockI’ve posted previously about how recruitment is like dating here. Well after getting a new job to me it felt more like a dancing partner who can’t dance, but leads anyway.

Some things I wish recruiters did differently in job postings.

1. Dependant on experience. Really? Don’t we all know this means dependant on what you get paid for your current job.

2. Competitive pay. If it’s that competitive tell us what it is and we will definitely want to apply. Otherwise this means we can pay you less than the previous guy or any of our competitors.

3. This successful company……. why can’t we know what company it is? Would we be embarrassed by the company? Should we not apply?

4. Recipe list of skills. I’ve seen some crazy demands for jobs. One included a training manager who needed to be proficient in photoshop, indesign and video editing. Maybe you want too much from this role? Maybe you should rethink the job description?

5. Sector specific experience. Is your sector that blisteringly complicated that no one else can pick it up in a couple of weeks? Or are you that fast paced that unless someone can already do the job they can’t apply?

6. Specific software usage. Ok so I have mainly seen this in HR. If I haven’t used a particular software I will be atrocious at the job. Really? Of course, you were born being able to use a software that hadn’t been created yet and I couldn’t possibly learn it. But maybe we all take as long to learn things as you…..

7. Entry level role – must have experience. How on earth do people get experience for entry level roles without doing an entry level role?

So these aren’t the most constructive comments but maybe if some of these beefs disappeared maybe we wouldn’t have as big a talent deficit.

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Do you have a personal brand?

ImageSocial media is maturing and it’s links with the workplace are strengthening. Many people know the missteps of causing harm to your personal image but here are my tips for strengthening you personal brand in the job market.

1. Know yourself. This should be the first point on every list. You have to know exactly who you are before you think about what you want your personal brand to be. The better you know yourself the stronger your brand can be.

2. Brand visibility. Make a presence on all the social media sites you think will be valuable in your area. LinkedIn and twitter have the strongest business use but don’t rule out the likes of pinterest or instagram for the more visual fields. Keep these up to date and regular. No one likes an unsociable media page.

3. Connect. Your personal brand can be defined by who you associate with and how you work with those connections. Strong links to many ethical organisations may stand you in good stead. The opposite is also true.

4. Speak up. Offer your thoughts and opinions however you think is suitable. Blogs, forums and messages all represent you. Be proactive with this. Many people appreciate you offering first before asking for something in return. If you offer help, you may just become the name that comes to mind when someone is in crisis.

5. Curate. Market yourself in the most appealing way. Websites are easy to create by yourself. Use wordpress or another tool to bring together all the good things about you. Think of it as a new style of CV. Be creative. You may not always carry a paper CV with you but you can always tell someone a weblink.

These are some basics on building your own brand which in turn can help you stand out from the crowd. And the more you stand out, the more you will be seen.

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Organisational Dating – Recruitment

The blogging world is full of helpful ideas to improve your cv, obtain the interview you want and ultimately land that new role. There is also a huge ocean of posts about tips for recruiters looking to land passive candidates, social media strategy and how to be better connected.

Every single one of these posts in invaluable for the recruitment process, offering passionate insight from people who live and breath recruitment.

Now I don’t have a huge amount of experience in recruitment and most of the best tips have already been offered. But I think something which is often overlooked is the mindset you have when looking for a job. A lot of posts focus on practical tips but you need to have a think about how you approach the process mentally. For me, looking for a job is like dating.

Organisational dating.

Now I’m not talking about jumping straight into the first date. Let’s start with your CV or résumé. This for me is like a lonely hearts ad in the newspaper. There are hundreds all in one space all saying the same key phrases. Would like to meet, good sense of humour etc etc. Now people might be looking for a particular type of person here but you might lure someone in by standing out slightly. Standing out a lot might come across as the crazy cat person and no one will be interested. As a candidate you have to think about who you want to attract and market yourself appropriately.

Secondly is your covering letter. This for me is like an Internet dating video profile. It can be quite similar to your lonely hearts ad but gets to show off a little more of your personality. Again, stifling people with too much will just put them off.

Next we have your LinkedIn or social recruitment profile. You are at a mixer or singles bar where everyone is out for the same thing. Everyone sees Mr Big and fights for his attention. This is the chance to show off the most about you. Everyone likes someone interesting and accomplished to talk to but you’ve got to get involved. No one will talk to the wallflower. Find a conversation you want to join and confidently introduce yourself. If you’ve got the goods people will respond. And introductions by a common connection will always provide more fruit.

So we finally get down to a first date or interview. First thing to remember is that everyone has a different ‘date-span’ before they want to go steady. Some may have 3 interviews for an admin assistant and some may only have one for CEO. Everyone likes a different date scenario as well. Some like a formal dining experience and some want brunch at that little cozy bistro down the street. If it’s not your scene maybe there will be issues further down the line. This should also be an exchange of information not just one way. You are interviewing the organisation as much as they are interviewing you.

As much as finding love has evolved and there are many different acceptable avenues to do it, recruitment has only got their for those that are brave. Be creative with how you connect with people and the amount of opportunities will start to rise. Remember that although jobs are few right now it will be much more satisfying to find ‘the one’ than be a serial dater, and disappointed. You’ve got to find the right fit for you as much as you’ve got to fit for them.

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